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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Meeting and evaluation

    To begin with, we suggest a non-binding meeting in space/rooms that you want to scan/photograph. We answer all the questions you have and explain all the details. After that, we estimate the price (which depends on the size of the space). And if you accept, we set up a date for scanning. 

    How much does it cost?

    Please contact us for a quote, as our fees vary depending on a number of factors. The primary factor is square meters to be scanned. 

    Can you scan outdoor areas?

    It’s not impossible, but it is not easy, either. Direct sunlight can interfere with the camera’s sensors, so outdoor areas are best attempted at dawn or dusk, or can alternatively be scanned as a 360° Views. 

    What are 360° Views?

    360° Views are like 3D scans but they only collect 2D visual data (no depth data). 360° Views are perfect for capturing:

    • Bright sunlight and outdoors where alignment is difficult
    • Unattached buildings like sheds or pool houses
    • That amazing Hero Image of the front door

    Why are 3D Spaces different than VR?

    3D Spaces is the most immersive way to experience real-world places, whether you’re on a traditional browser or using a VR headset. But with VR your space is that much more immersive and engaging, because viewers get a total sense of presence - the cognitive sense of physically being in a place. 

    What do I need for Virtual Reality?

    To consume virtual reality (VR) content you need three things:

    1. Virtual reality headset
    2. Smartphone
    3. Matterport VR app

    Can I download the 3D Showcase?

     Yes! There is an app for iOS that allows you to download Spaces and then view them offline.  This is nice when you need to present a Space to a client and may not have Internet connectivity. 

    What special preparations should I do prior to a scanning session?

    Unlike traditional 2D photography, it is not possible to “Photoshop” the digital files after the scanning, so it is important that the property is cleaned and de-cluttered before your appointment. It should be staged and in “show-day’ condition. The camera will see everywhere that would be visible to someone walking through the home. 

    Do I still need to hire a 2D photographer as well?

    Probably, but not necessarily. We can capture still photos from the 3D Showcase, but they are generally not as high-quality as photos you would get from a pro photographer with a good still camera. We can show you some examples of still captures from the 3D Showcase and you can make up your own mind. 

    How long does it take?

    We usually try to schedule 60 minutes of scanning time for every 1,000 square feet of property to be scanned. It will usually take less than that, but issues do frequently arrive that take extra time, as people or pets present during scanning and constantly entering the view of the camera. Scanning is performed on-site, usually in a single appointment. 

    No special preparations are required, other than cleaning and decluttering the property.

    Off-site finalisation of the data completes the process. This typically takes less than 24 hours. Results are available online immediately upon finalisation. You are free to embed the finished scan in your own websites or use the provided links directly. 

    What about floor plans?

    We can have a floor plan created from the 3D Showcase at and additional cost and it is usually delivered within 48 hours or less. 

    How accurate are the dimensions in the models?

    Measurements are generally accurate to within 1-2 %, this is not a guarantee, however, as factors such as alignment can affect the reliability of measurements. In a 3.0m long room (300cm), that equals a variance of 3.0 to 6.0 centimeters from actual.  This may be insignificant (if the user is trying to gauge layout), or critical (plumbing work, for example).

    Also, objects that are smaller than 2.54cm in any dimension may not appear.  The same is true of very shiny or very dark objects, as not enough light is reflected back to form a reasonable mesh.

    Which browsers are compatible with the 3D Showcase?

    Our 3D Showcase uses WebGL, the modern standard for 3D content on the web. On desktop computers, WebGL is supported by the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. On mobile devices, WebGL is supported by Safari for iOS 8 and Chrome for Android.

    To confirm that your browser supports WebGL, visit this test page and if not then read here to enable it on your browser. 

    Will I be able to import the 3D model into CAD software?

    Yes, although you may need to convert the OBJ file before importing. We can, at no extra charge, provide you with an industry-standard OBJ file, which will contain both the 3D mesh and textures. 

    What is the difference between a 3D virtual tour and a 360 pano virtual tour?

    A 360 pano virtual tour isn’t really virtual. It’s just a gallery or video of stationary panoramic photos. Although techniques vary, most pano tours don’t allow the viewer to move around within the space. At the very most, they offer individual locations (connected to each other) to view the space. Traditional photographers use DSLR cameras to capture multiple photos that are then stitched together to form a panorama which is viewed using special online plugins. An example would be as used on Google Streetview.

    When our 3D camera is used, it allows the viewer to explore the space in up to 200+ locations that are seamlessly stitched together. You can look up, look down, turn around, walk around features and see the space from multiple angles of your choosing.  To allow you to better conceptualize the space, we can create a completely virtual walk through. 

    Can I, my family, or my agent be present during the scan process?

    It is advisable that people, pets, small children and other potentially moving persons or objects should be removed from the interior of the area to be scanned or placed in a separate closed off room.

    A representative may be present during the scanning process, but they must remain out of view of the camera and any windows and mirrors. It will impact negatively on the overall time needed to complete the scan when we have to wait for people or pets to move out of view.

    In the absence of specific prior instructions, we will use our professional opinion and discretion to compose, stage and create the finished product. 

    Will every room or area be scanned?

    We scan all interior spaces with the exception of small spaces (such as a linen cupboard). The doors to all rooms to be scanned must be open when we begin. We do not scan basements unless they are finished, though garages are typically scanned unless requested not to in advance.

    Generally, we include all walk-able spaces. Should there be an area that you do not want to be scanned, you can choose not include it. However, this will mean the layout, floor plan views and dollhouse view are not truly representative of the property.

    In most cases, a sensitive space can still be scanned to improve the floor plan and dollhouse view but can be excluded from the tour & public view by simply hiding the scanned area. 

    How long do you host my 3D tour?

    Your 3D Virtual Tour is stored in the cloud on servers in the USA. The first year of hosting is included in the initial fee, thereafter a hosting fee will be charged.